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If you own a house, you probably know how much of a nuisance water damage can be

One of the major causes of water damage is heavy rains, which can reek havoc in your home. If your roof is made of clay tiles without suitable waterproof shielding, water is likely to percolate through your ceiling and walls below. If your gutter system can not sustain dissipating heavy rains, the water may damage the roof.
Flooding is common, especially during stormy weather. Houses located in lower altitude areas such as at the foot of a hill, are at the highest risk. Run-off water could seep it’s way into the home causing stagnate water to damage the floor. As a result, household furniture and other appliances may become soaked and ruined from water.​
Leakages :A faulty drainage system may result in water damage. Water leaking from pipes could dampen the walls in which the drainage pipes run through. A poor drainage system could be as a result of poor plumbing. So how do you deal with water damage? It is advisable to seek out water damage repair restoration services.​

Our aim is to help you curb the disaster and prevent any further damage to your property. If you are experiencing this, or your house is flooded for too long, the water is bound to result in secondary damage that could cost money to repair. Secondary damage goes way beyond wet floors and walls. It may occur when moisture seeps deeper into the walls, floor and wooden surfaces. This could go a long way to affect the structural integrity of the house. That is exactly why you need to call a water damage repair and restoration expert immediately.The dampness and humidity creates a favorable environment for fungi and mold to grow on your walls. This could be potentially hazardous to your health, resulting in respiratory infections in such an environment. So why should you choose us over any other water damage restoration company? The quality of service we offer is simply unmatched. We deal with every case uniquely in order to suite every customer’s needs. Below are some of the services we provide to our clients

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Water damage clean up

As soon as you call us, we will send an expert to inspect the extent of damage accompanied by a skilled team to start cleaning up the mess. If your house is still flooded, the team will expel the water by using pumps for stagnant water disposal. A dry floor does not guarantee that the issue is solved. Our team will go a step further to ensure that there is no accumulation of moisture in the air that could result in dampness by using as vacuum pump. You don’t have to worry about the irritating damp stench any more; the crew will also use detergents to prevent the growth of fungus on the walls.

Drywall repair

Water may have seeped into your drywall and created a wet stain or discoloration. In severe cases, the water may cause the drywall to warp, bulge or weaken. Our staff will definitely take care of it. For minor damage, scrubbing the affected area and repainting it will do the trick. If the damage is extensive, the team will cut out the affected area and replace the drywall.

Mold removal

Are your walls infested with mold already? Worry not-- Its part of our job to get rid of it through the water damage repair restoration process. Our experts will use suitable cleaning methods to clear the mold. They will then apply a fungicide to prevent future growth of mold on your walls. Our goal is to comb through every nook and cranny of your home to get rid of mold and any other fungus that may have developed.

Plumbing services

If your drainage and plumbing system has issues such as blockages and leaks, our crew will be more than glad to help out. It is part of the water damage repair restoration procedure. We go the extra mile to ensure that a faulty drainage system doesn't cause further damage to your home. Call us for ordinary plumbing and maintenance work as well. Our pool of professionals are obliged to offer our customers any advice that they deem useful in preventing water damage in the future. Our focus is to ensure that your home is totally restored from disaster.